What is Obesity? – About, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Tests & Diagnosis


Diet of people has changed in the recent years where they are going for exclusive food that are rich only in fat content, leading to a number of problems in body, especially the issue of obesity. People who are obese can develop a wide variety of problems in their body that cannot be categorized within a range. Even scientists have recently discovered that obese people have slim chances of developing cancer in their very early stages of obese.


  • Food is one of the most important reason why people are suffering from obese
  • There are some people who are known to develop obese by their genetics, but it is not a mandatory thing that they have to stay obese as there are several preventive techniques available
  • Less physical activity is the most recent thing that is being identified as one of the most important thing that causes the issues of obesity


  • Initial symptom of obesity that all people observe is the weight gain in the body
  • Weight gain simply does not involve in the weight gain alone, it adds many layers of fat in the belly and in some parts of the body, making a person to look different than the way they are in the days before they are being affected
  • There will be a significant change in their lifestyle, which can be observed out of their laziness, extraordinary stress in food habits since most obese people are known to take more food than normal people


  • Treatment for obese solely relies on the will power and the attitude of people to reduce the extra pounds
  • The best treatment for obesity is exercise and walking, which is one of the habit that is being forgotten by many people in the recent days
  • A change in lifestyle is required to maintain a better food habit mixed with a lots of physical activities
  • Going for a dietician is required in case when a person tries to do all thing just by adjusting their diet
  • In case when they are not able to follow anything else for treatment of obesity, they can consult with their psychologist on what grounds they can able to reduce their weight


  • There are no particular tests available that shows how a person is being affected by obesity
  • It is only the weight that shows how a person is being affected due to obesity
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to take cholesterol tests to find out the extent they are being affected


  • Diagnosis of obesity solely depends on different age category, which must be consulted with doctors for further treatment

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