The Use of Water in a Weight Loss Program

Water is known as the element of life. Without water on this planet it would not be possible for life to exist.

    • The body needs at least 12 glasses of water to flush the toxins out of the body and maintain a pressure balance in the body. This essential water intake can be taken throughout the dat. It keeps the stomach feeling full so the chances of eating more than, the body needs is less likely.
    • If an individual and drink a glass of water before every meal it is possible to reduce weight more rapidly.


  • Avoiding the urge to drink high calorie drinks by drinking a glass of cold water will help by reducing the calorie intake in the body.
  • As on grows older the weight gain increases due to a decrease in the rate of metabolism Drinking ice cold water speeds up the rate of metabolism in the body. This helps to burn fat more quickly.
  • In the water diet plan, for glass of alcohol consumed that many glasses of water need to be taken into the body.
  • Drinking water to reduce weight also means that the salt content intake needs to be reduced so that it is not absorbed by the water intake. This will increase the water weight in the body.
  • Water should be mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey should be take, This helps to reduce the weight. It should be taken in the morning after bed tea or bed coffee. This will not only help to reduce weight but it will also detoxify the body which is important.
  • The water diet should be combined with a nutritious diet of skimmed milk, fresh green vegetables, raw salads, cucumbers, fruits, berries. The diet should be high protein diet with lean meats and fish.
  • Green tea is also considered to be part of the water weight loss program
  • To avoid an electrolyte imbalance in the body meals should not be replaced with water.
  • Replace a meal only with a sport drink that contains all the electrolytes necessary for the body.
  • The water program is a program to support weight loss and is not a substitute for losing weight through proper loss of calories, ensuring that only fat is burnt up and not muscles content.

Going on a water diet program without the intake of food is not recommended as that would amount to starving your body to burn the fat and since it is fluid fat there is every chance that is will not be a permanent loss. The intake of food should be high in water content and fruits that are low on sugar content. The proper blood pressure should be maintained constantly thought the program. Any dizziness, headaches, irritant behavior and lack of sleep means that there is something wrong with the body and a physician must be consulted immediately. Losing weight in the healthy way is always recommended but to shock the body to reducing weight by starving it or only keep the body on fluids is not advisable. The intake of food should be reduced, the calorie content per day should be reduced and the intake of water should be not less than 12 glasses per day.

The benefits of drinking water in the required amounts are:

  • Maintains body balance in the body
  • Controls the accumulation of calories in the body
  • Helps renal functions
  • Provides strength to the muscles in action

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