Nilavembu Kudineer to Treat Fever

Botanical Name : Andrographis paniculata
Synonym: Kiriyath
Nilavembu Kudineer to Treat Fever
Nilavembu Kudineer is a Siddha medicine prepared from various parts of medicinal herbs. It is a decoction of nine herbs which have fever reducing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Nilavembu or Andrographis panicultata is the principle ingredient of this decoction. It is also known as Kalmegh and Bhunimba. It is a bitter tonic and used traditionally for treating fever, liver problems, jaundice, respiratory illness etc.


The other ingredients of Nilavembu cure in diabetics are also used traditionally in the treatment of fever, inflammation, arthritis, gastric ulcer, jaundice and general debility conditions. So this whole combination can be used as preventive and curative measure for chikungunya, dengue and other viral fever.

Here is given more about Nilavembu kudineer health benefits such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Nilavembu Kudineer

Nilavembu Kudineer contains equal proportion of whole plant of Andrographis paniculata (Nilavempu), heartwood of Santalum album(Chandanam), rhizomes of Zingiber officinal (Cukku), fruits of Piper nigrum(Milaku), tubers of Cyrerus rotundus (Koraikilangu), roots of Vetiveria zizanioides (Vettiver), whole plant of Hedyotis corymbosa, roots of Plectranthus vettiveroides and the whole plant of Trichosanthes cucumerina (Peipudal).

Nilavembu kudineer

Uses of Nilavembu Kudineer

Nilavembu kudineer health benefits are useful medicine to treat fevers such as Viral, malarial, chikungunya, dengue fever etc. Regular usage of this decoction is helpful in preventing recurrence of such viral fevers.
This medicine can be taken as preventive and curative medicine for viral fevers.

Dosage of Nilavembu Kudineer

The recommended dosage of Nilavembu Kudineer is 15-30 ml, twice a day. This medicine should be taken orally before meals. This decoction can be taken regularly as preventive measure against viral fevers (malaria, chikungunia) in epidemics. Or take as directed by physician.

This herb is Analgesic, Anti inflammatory and Anti- pyretic in nature as used in managing fever, body pain and it also has the potency to inhibit Dengue Virus.

In Siddha Vaidya Thirattu (classical text) a herbal medicine named as Nilavembu kudineer (Kasayam mix) is mentioned which used against various types of fevers, especially pitha suram. This herbal Kasaya mix has a very good response against dengue. Nilavembu cure in diabetics mentioned above consist of following herbs:

  • Nilavembu kudineer – Andrographis paniculata
  • Vettiver – Plactranthus vetiveroides
  • Vilamichaver – Vetiveria zizanoides
  • Sandanam – Santalum album
  • Peypudal samoolam – Trichosanthes dioica
  • Korai kizhangu – Cyperus rotandus
  • Chuuku – Dried ginger
  • Milagu – Piper nigrum
  • Papadakam – Mullugo cerviana

This is a Nilavembu kudineer for diabetes kasaya mix which can be prepared as infusion and taken twice a day for best results. Nilavembu kudineer for diabetes medicine also relieves body pain, inflammation of the joints and enhances immune mechanism suppressing the virus.

Nilavembu kudineer for dengu contains an enzyme called ‘Papain’ which helps to improve platelet count in Dengue. In the cases where modern medicine failed, papaya leaf juice has proved a miracle. In cases, where the platelets count has dropped below 1 lakh, daily consumption of the leaf juice has improved the count to 2.13 lakhs in just 5 days of consumption. It helps in arresting the destruction of platelets, thus a very quick result is seen within days.

Dose : 10 ml- 20 ml in interval of 6 hours

Nilavembu Kudineer Preparation : De-vain the cleaned tender papaya leaves. Blend and grind it well, extract the juice by squeezing the ground leaves in a cheese cloth. If it is difficult to consume, can be mixed with fruit juices and given. Avoid boiling or heating the leaves.

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