Information about Kuppaimeni Medicinal Uses and health benefits

Kuppaimeni leaves or Indian Acalypha Indicia(Biological term) is a wild plant which carries various health saving medicinal properties. Kuppaimeni benefits are well indentified in Tamil medicine. The shoot of these plants is edible and leaves of the plant are cooked and consumed as vegetable. Try kuppaimeni recipes like dosa, poriyal, soup, rasam, etc. The leaves of this plant are used in the treatment of many health problems especially respiratory diseases. Here are some kuppaimeni plant uses. You can buy kuppaimeni powder in ayurvedic medical centres.


Benefits Kuppaimeni plant

      • The leaves of kuppaimeni plant are considered as one of the best medicines for asthma and bronchitis. The mucous saturated in the bronchial tubes can be easily removed with the help of these leaves. The extracts of leaves are used to treat bronchitis and asthma. Patients are advised to consume the decoction of acalypha leaves twice a day or as per the requirement.
      • The extracts of kuppaimeni leaves are also useful in treating the condition of blockage in urination. It can support the easy flow of urine and thus cures the problem.
      • The patients of pneumonia are also treated with the juice extracted from acalypha leaves.
      • The patients suffering from constipation can take advantage of these leaves. Common salt is mixed with the juice of acalypha leaves. This mixture works as a regular laxative and treats the condition.
      • Kuppaimeni leaves are used to treat many skin diseases and scabies. Kuppaimeni for eczema is highly effective. Extract the juice from the leaves and use it for external application. Apply the juice on scabies to heal it quickly.
      • Mix small amount of white lime or calcium chloride in kuppaimeni leaves extract. This mixture can be used to externally to cure many types of skin diseases.
      • Many children suffer from the problem of worms in stomach, because of which many other health problems can occur. To cure this health problem, dry leaves of kuppaimeni plant are used. Make a powder of dry leaves and give for children to support the process of removal of worms. You can also use the extracts of leaves mixed with garlic juice to fight against the problem.
      • The decoction of these leaves can be a very good treatment for the reasons of vomiting in kids. It can help to control the attack of vomiting.
      • Few drops of kuppaimeni leaves react can be useful to cure ear pain effectively.
      • The crushed leaves are beneficial to reduce the pain of non-poisonous snake bite. It can also relieve the pain of centipede bite quickly.
      • The extracts of these leaves are useful in the treatment of ulcers.
      • Fresh leaves juice is used for arthritis. Mix oil and salt in leaves juice and apply in on affected area to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
      • Make a powder of dry leaves of a calypha and use it for the treatment of bedsores and other types of infections and wounds.
      • Crush the leaves of the plant and apply it on burns to reduce irritation and burning sensation.
      • The extracts of kuppaimeni keerai are used to treat serious eye infections. Apply the powder of turmeric and kuppaimeni for face to get glowing and fair skin. Use Kuppaimeni for hair removal, unwanted facial hairs can be removed by this application.
      • You can use the juice of kuppaimeni for cold kuppaimeni powders of leaves are known as the best expectorant. The treatment of kuppaimeni leaves for cough is very effective in children. The juice of these leaves can treat chronic cough effectively.

    • Use the extracts of these leaves to massage on joints to get relief from joint pains. Kuppaimeni keerai powder massage works better to get relief from joint pain. If it is not available in your area you can purchase kuppaimeni powder online easily.
    • The bandage made with the whole plant of kuppaimeni leaves is very useful for reducing headache.
    • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of kuppaimeni leaves are useful to treat many types of infections.
    • Use Neem leaves and kuppaimeni leaves for dandruff treatment.

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