Knee And The Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Tests For The Knee Pain

Knee pain is the most common complaint made by people. There are different reasons which could lead to knee pain. Knee supports the entire body and there are several bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons found in the knee. It is essential to understand the nature of the knee pain so that you can decide whether you need the assistance of doctor to get the pain cured.

Causes Which Leads To Knee Pain

Any injury to the knee can cause pain in the knee. Besides the injury in the hip and the leg can also be one of the reason for knee pain as it is seen that the nerves that causes sensation is the knee is connected to the hip, ankle and the leg region. Therefore knee pain can be resultant of knee injury or it could be because of injury in these connected regions.

Symptoms Which Could Help A Person Understand The Kind Of Knee Pain

The knee pain can be either acute or chronic. The acute knee pain is that in which the pain is due to some kind of injury such as fracture, sprain and ligament tear. Tendon ruptures and knee dislocation can also lead to knee pain. Following are few points which would help you to identify the knee pain.

  • In fracture, some swelling or bruising can be seen in the knee region.
  • People can witness severe pain and would be unable to walk.
  • In the medial collateral ligament tear, a person can feel the pain in the inner joint.
  • In tendon ruptures, the motion of knee is limited accompanied with severe swelling.

The chronic knee pain can be caused because of Knee dislocation, Arthritis, patellofemoral syndrome and chondromalacia patella.

Treatment Given By Doctors For Knee Pain

  • If a person undergoes such severe pain as in case of fracture, then they should immediately consult a doctor and take an X-ray or other prescribed tests by the doctor.
  • In ligament tear, generally the doctor prescribes complete rests, ice pack application, and anti-inflammatory and pain killers. Definitely exercises are also included once the pain subsides to an extent.
  • In tendon ruptures and meniscal injuries, generally surgery is done by the doctor as a treatment.

Tests & Diagnosis Involved

These days doctor do a detailed diagnosis of the problem. Some of the questions asked by the doctor are

  • Where does it pain exactly?
  • How does the pain feel like, is it less or very severe?
  • Had you got the pain before?
  • For how long the pain has been there?
  • What is your lifestyle like?
  • Did you have any accidents or medical treatment or knee injury in the past?

Based on your answers the doctor would complete with physical examination and prescribe you some tests and x-ray, if required!

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