Is Papaya Good For Skin

This is a right question to ask as many people go to spas and beauty care centers for skin cleanup and notice the use of fresh papaya but, don’t dare to ask them the skin benefits of it. Papaya is an all season fruit available with any local fruit vendor. Many people ignore the benefits and dispose the pulp if it is not sweet. Papaya trees are maintenance free and can grow any where throughout the year. It is a promising fruit with many nutrients.

Some of the skin benefits of papaya fruit are discussed below.

  • The papain and vitamin A substances available in the papaya pulp are extremely good for removing dry and dead skin and breaking down useless and inactive proteins.
  • Papaya has less sodium quality and this is again one of the good qualities of papaya. It is useful for retaining the moisture of skin, which means skin stays ever hydrated. It is equivalent to one full meal and this wholesome fruit is available for very less rate.
  • The benefits of papaya are almost equivalent to the benefits of other expensive fruits like apple, custard apple, plantains and guava.

Disadvantages of these fruits are as follows:

These are available only in particular seasons and all qualities in each fruit are very expensive.
It can be consumed like one fruit portion before meal or more number of portions can even replace a meal.

With only few demerits the fruit gives many benefits to people. The fruit pulp can be applied evenly on clean face for getting rid of painful and dark pimples. In both the ways one can achieve desirable and healthy skin. The mashed papaya can be applied on cracks, which heals deep cracks on second or third application. It acts as a skin exfoliator. It treats ringworms and acts as deworming formula for kids. It is a simple medicine for many skin problems. It is also good for removing skin discoloration.

As such it is a fact about all fruits that they are natural health benefit sources. Hardly anybody would have imagined about wide advantages of papaya. Raw papaya is also used for curing many health problems but, it is not as tasty as ripen papaya. Hope to be clear with the solution for the question Is Papaya Good For Skin and looking to be of great use for the readers.

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