How To Use Shikakai For Hair Growth

Hair growth is possible with proper hair massage with quality oil and washing hair with quality shikakai powder. Few decades ago people were not aware of shampoos and conditioners. They were washing their hairs only with shikakai powder or shikakai nuts boiled in water. This used to give them very good result and helpful for postponing early hair grayness. After the discovery of shampoos, people found out the easy utility and changed their interest to different hair wash solutions. These are highly concentrated chemicals and almost having the contents of bathing soap. This may harm the quality of hair and result in profuse hair fall in early ages.

Hair growth should not be constant but, should get good nutrition for ever growing benefit. There is no restriction of age for hair growth because grandma’s too enjoy long hairs in their fifty’s and sixty’s. Washing hairs with shikakai doesn’t harm skin and eyes, which is possible with the usage of harsh shampoos. Nowadays due to increasing awareness about natural supplements for hair growth the beauty industry has introduced many shikakai products like shikakai shampoo, hair pack and hair wash powder. Utility of these products are not difficult.

How To Use?

  • The shikakai powder should be mixed in warm water and a smooth paste should be prepared without lumps. This should be applied on wet hairs and give gentle massage till form thick lather.
  • It should be washed with warm water and hair should be dried with soft towel.
  • Repeating the process twice a week can get hair improvement and hair growth. This is known as traditional way of bathing.
  • Shikakai nuts should be boiled in fresh water till it gets soft. Later the boiled nuts should be squeezed and filtered for getting soft pulpy liquid.
  • Applying this liquid during hair wash can give same results as of shikakai powder.
  • Homemade shampoo of shikakai is available in few of the homeocare and natural care shops. This shampoo can be directly used as other shampoos are used.

The shikakai hair pack is very good for removing dandruff. This antidandruff solution should be used twice a week for better results. Fresh hair means phenomenal hair growth.

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