How to get rid of irregular menstrual cycles

Irregular periods in women might affect their health and they occur due to several reasons such as poor diet, changes in lifestyle, diabetes, anemia, hormonal problems, powerful medications, stress, etc. Some of the common symptoms include painful cramps, clotting of blood, abnormal bleeding and changes in blood flow. It is essential to take care of the menstrual problems quickly failing which results in health complications. Recent studies have proved that home remedies will help to reduce irregular menstrual cycle problems when compared to other treatments.


Ginger fights against irregular menstrual problems effectively. It also helps to get relief from the menstrual pains. Those who have irregular menstrual periods can take ginger along with a cup of hot water.

How to get rid of irregular menstrual cycles

Green papaya

Green papaya is one of the effective remedies for regulating irregular periods. It is extremely useful for overcoming delayed period problems. Consuming unripe papaya will result in major benefits.


Cinnamon is another powerful home remedy which aids in normalizing irregular periods. One can add cinnamon of powder in a cup of milk to control menstrual problems. It can also be utilized in foods to experience better results.

Banyan tree roots

The fresh roots of banyan tree act as an excellent remedy for irregular periods. Banyan roots can be boiled in a cup of water and adding cow’s milk to the decoction give ways for minimizing irregular period problems.

Sesame seeds

Fatty acids and lignans in sesame seeds help for increasing the production of hormones that provide ways for eliminating irregular menstrual problems.


Grape is rich in essential nutrients and drinking grape juice daily will promote health. Eating raw grapes are extremely helpful for controlling menstrual issues.


Aloevera is recommended for treating menstrual irregularities. It acts as an agent for boosting the hormone and can be consumed daily.


Juice or decoction which is prepared from coriander leaves will help to resolve menstrual issues and it can be consumed 3 times a day.


Eating a raw carrot or drinking carrot juice is extremely useful for irregular menstrual problems. It can be included in regular diet plan to live a healthy life.


Figs or anjeer is considered as one of the best natural remedies for the period related problems. It can be added in a cup of boiled water which will normalize the menstrual cycle of a person.


Turmeric is a wonderful herb which works well against irregular period problems. It helps in treating menstrual pains and can be added with jaggery, milk or honey.


Consuming parsley juice daily will reduce irregular period issues. It serves as a medicine to experience better results.


Radish paste, when added to buttermilk will help to get relief from irregular menstruation problems and it can be consumed daily.

Fennel seeds

The anti-spasmodic properties in fennel seeds give ways for treating the cramps which are mainly caused by menstruation problems.

Honey, cumin, and sesame seeds

Honey, when mixed with cumin and sesame seeds will give ways for treating irregular menstrual periods.

Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd juice or decoction is a best one for those who suffer from irregular period problems. It is bitter in taste and provides many health benefits to the body.


Jaggery, when taken along with honey or milk will yield many advantages. It is said to be one of the best natural remedies for getting relief from menstrual problems.

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