Five Health Benefits Of An Apple

It has been well said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Apple is one of those fruits which is very tasty to eat and also has got the best of the minerals to keep the human body healthy. Physicians who make diet chart for the people say that an apple a day or five apples in a week keeps a human body healthy. It is one of those fruits which have got low calorie content which surely makes it the best.


  • An apple has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are said to be very important for the human health. Immune system is said to be beneficiated because of apple as it has got vitamin c in it. It has also got fiber in it which is also very helpful in keeping the body healthy.
  • Fibers in apple decreases the bad cholesterol level in the human body and on the other hand increases the good cholesterol level in the human body. Heart disorders and diabetes is also remains in good condition because of the fiber.
  • Quercetin is one flavonoid that is present in apple which is also present in some other fruits and vegetables which decreases the chance of getting into different kinds of cancers.
  • There are lots of toxins present inside our body. Some of those toxins are good for the human body and others are bad. Apple helps to remove the harmful toxins from the human body. Apple is popular is cleaning down the heavy metals like the lead and mercury.
  • Eating an apple decreases the thirst of the human body and keeps the body hydrated. It also neutralizes the free radicals present in a human body. It is well known to people that eating an apple keeps the teeth of the people good as it activates the production of saliva in the mouth which kills up to eighty percent of bacteria in the mouth. Vitamin c present in an apple helps in soothing the bleeding gums.

So these are 5 Health Benefits of an Apple which should be known to people so that they can have it regularly.

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