13 Effective Remedies for Piles Treatment

In medical terminology, piles are known as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids or Piles is a very common ailment. Women have higher incidence than men. The reason behind it is not clearly known. It is more commonly seen in adolescent age group and aged persons who all seem to be more tensed.

Piles treatment home remedies can be both internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids, unless they are severe, cannot be seen or felt. There is however, a discharge of dark blood. External hemorrhoids can be seen around the outside of the anus, and there is a lot of pain but not much bleeding. In some cases, the veins burst and this results in what is known as bleeding piles.

Symptoms –

Symptoms of piles vary, and depend on the type and place of origin. A pile in its initial stage is most commonly found to be without any symptoms.

However, the most common symptoms include –

  • Intense pain at the time of passing stool.
  • A pain around the anus and lower rectum, which can be quite severe.
  • Frequent ineffectual urge for stool without passing stool or without satisfaction of complete evacuation.
  • Itching in the rectal area.
  • Causes –

    Haemorrhoids are very common. It is more common in people, who regularly follow a low fibre, and high processed diet, such as processed flour, polished rice, bread etc. The main contributory cause is anything that raises the pressure in the abdomen, which leads the blood vessels to swell and become engorged. There are some home remedies to cure piles.

    Some home remedies to cure piles permenently which are discussed below-

    1. Radish Juice:

    Radish juice is a immense natural therapy for piles. Try to drink¼ cup radish juice twice a day over a period of one month. This will facilitate you to flush out your system, dropping the throbbing uneasiness of piles.

    2. Bitter Gourd:

    To relieve piles, squeeze bitter gourd leaves and then take out its juice and mix 3 tablespoons juice with 1 glass of buttermilk. Try to drink this every morning before breakfast for a month to get useful results.

    3. Dried Figs:

    Clean 3 to 4 figs and immerse them in a glass of water throughout night. Eating this on early in the morning before breakfast and then at night will absolutely alleviate the pain and puffiness of reddened hemorrhoids.

    4. Banana:

    Boil a ripe banana in one cup of milk and mash well. Take this 3 to 4 times a day and you will get relief.

    5. Mustard Seeds:

    Grind one teaspoon of mustard seeds to powder and blend it with half cup of goat’s milk. Add some sugar and drink it early in the morning before taking your breakfast. You will get relief.

    6. Turnip juice:

    Juice extracted from the leaves of turnip or ‘shalgam’ also helps in curing piles. Prepare a combination of about 50 ml by mixing the same quantities of carrot, spinach and turnip leaves juice.

    7. Neem Leaves:

    Boiled neem leaves and wheatgrass in water. This will give you excellent work. The flowers of the neem tree are equally effective in treating piles.

    8. Ginger:

    Ginger is tremendously good for a piles patient. A teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with lime juice, mint leaves and honey should be taken by the patient twice to thrice a day for relief.

    Moreover to relieve the pain connected with piles, mix rock salt, ginger and with buttermilk. This combination should be taken twice a day throughout one month for relief.

    9. Cumin Seeds:

    Roast 1 tablespoon of black cumin seeds and mix them with unroasted black cumin seeds. Grind the mixture into a powder and take half a teaspoon with a glass of water daily. This is one of the best home remedies of piles.

    10. Seeds of Mango:

    Grind dried mango seeds and make it powder and mix 2 tablespoons of this powder with honey. This should be taken twice in a day.

    11. Turmeric:

    Turmeric is best for its antiseptic and healing qualities. One teaspoon of ground fresh turmeric root past on a regular basis will be best for piles patient.

    12. Sesame Seeds:

    You can boil a handful of sesame seeds or til in about 500 ml water till the decoction is lessen to one-third. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of butter. Take this once a day frequently which will give you relief.

    13. Onion:

    Mix up one grated raw onion with 2 tablespoons of honey and take this twice in a day for one month which will give you amazing results.

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