Can Eating Tomatoes Help You Lose Weight

People follow different kinds of diet plans for losing weight. One of the good plans is to follow night time tomato diet plan. This is the first suggestion from most of the experienced dieticians. Few slices of tomatoes without sugar or salt can help in reducing weight. It is a tasty vegetable and well mixable with other vegetables. Most of the curries are prepared with tomatoes as main ingredient and rest use tomatoes as sub ingredient. Two large tomatoes or one large can of fresh tomato juice are sufficient to replace night meal. These are juicy and pulpy to quench the summer thirst. It is a fruit while consumed raw and can be considered as a vegetable when added in curry preparation.


Children too love to eat tomatoes without being known about the health benefits of tomatoes. Working class family can consider tomato diet as a boon as raw tomatoes require nothing other than proper chopping. It saves cooking time and avoids oils and fat intake. Minimum period for finding results is three months and may go up to six to eight month. Weight loss is possible with the help of simple and proper diet along with sweating workouts. People need not make it so complicated as tomato diet needs no additional workout.

Apart from weight loss formula, there are many more benefits of tomatoes like it is good for skin too.

  • Its filtered juice can be applied to skin or slices can be spread on face for five to six minutes for good results. The process should be followed twice in a week.
  • Tomatoes can be consumed with other vegetables like cucumber or carrot. It is rich natural diet for good health. It can be a side dish in the form of salad or main course itself.
  • It contains lycopene and every normal human being should consume minimum fifteen grams of lycopene everyday. It is good if the tomatoes are taken as part of meals and only tomato diet at night.

There are different varieties of tomatoes and all species carry same natural contents complementing for the good health. The question Can Eating Tomatoes Help You Lose Weight?, has very optimistic and inspiring answer.

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