Ayurvedic Treatment for Cold and Cough


This is a very ordinary problem and is caused by irritation of Kapha. It is also caused by weak digestion. When the food we consume is not completely digested it changes into ama. This mucus or ama reaches the respiratory system and causes cold or cough. Other causes are disclosure to cold or moist conditions or cold air.

This type of plant is very helpful for the patient who is suffering from the problem of cold and cough. There are so many benefits of taking this type of herb. This plant comes in the Ayurvedic treatment and help to get well from the problem cold and cough.

Chitharathai kudineer or mixture

The ingredients are,

  • chitharathai (alpinia officinarum) 10gm,
  • perichan (phoenix dactylifera) 10 gm,
  • chukku (zingiber officinale) 10 gm,
  • athimathuram (glychyrrhiza glabra) 10 gm.

These are crushed roughly and bundled in a cloth. This blend is boiled in 50 ml milk adding 50 ml water to it. Continue heating at a low heat for sometime and then pour it. Add 10 gm of palm candy to this.

  • This should be taken (25 ml) twice a day for five days.
  • This herb is used in the treatment of the cold and cough.
  • This herb helps to fight the bacteria of the cold and cough and help the patient to recover fast.
  • If we talk about the preparation of the Nilavembu Kudineer for the treatment, then it is very easy to prepare. There are two methods of using this herb for the treatment of cold and cough and that are;

1. The first method is to mix with the water and make a paste and then eat, with water and see the result. This will help for the patient for the immediate action.

2. second way is to eat direct leaves of the plant and see the result of the treatment. This will give a good result, but in little bit time. This method is very useful for the patient to get recover from cold and cough diseases.

There is one more thing we have to keep in mind after take this leaf by the patient and that is, the patient should immediately take a glass of juice so that it give more benefit to the body of the human being. As we know the taste of the herb is bitter, that is why it is good to take a fresh juice immediately so that the taste of the herb will not affect the patient.

For the adult person one table spoon is enough for the treatment and for the children it will take 1 or 2 table spoon for the treatment.

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