8 Great Benefits of Onions

The odour of onion might keep you away but they have great healing capacities and full of health benefits. Onions are the essential part of almost every food and we can’t imagine grand ma’s recopies without onions. They might bring tears but they are totally worth it, onions contains around one hundred sulfur-containing compounds, which are the reason of its unique and recognizable smell and tears which it brings to us. Here are the few reasons why you should start to eat.


1.Helps to keep heart healthy:

One can never imagine that onion could be helpful in keeping our heart healthy, we can never imagine to add this vegetable for heart disease, however it helps to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adults due to quercetin found in onions. Onions also have sulphur compound which in terms helps to keep the cholesterol level down.

2.Helps to reduce cancer risks:

It might sounds ironic but it is true that onion helps to keep cancer at bay. Onions are rich in anti-oxidants which help to prevent the damage to the cells, which is the one of the root cause of cancer. Studies have shown that consuming onion along with turmeric can help further in preventing the cancer.

3.Good for skin:

Onions have enormous skin benefits; onions are one of the greatest source of anti-oxidant which can be miraculous in keeping skin healthy and youthful, the vitamins it contains can help you to increase fair complexion, it can be useful in treating the acne. Apply the onion juice, mixed with olive oil on your face and keep it for few minutes, it is a great help in skin treatment.


Onions can lower the level of glucose significantly. It also helps in lowering the blood sugar level by increasing the amount of free insulin.

5.Maintain oral health:

Raw onions might cause the bad breath and you may disapprove the idea of chewing it but studies has shown that it is very helpful in maintain oral health, simply chewing raw onion for several minutes can kill the germs and bacteria in mouth.

6.Hair loss and dandruff:

Grind an onion and mix it with equal amount of olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on your sculp. It can relieve you from dandruff and itchy scalp.

7.Hair color and thinning hair:

You can apply the onion mask for glossy and shiny hairs. If you want to preserve your natural color, mix onion juice with equal amount of mustard oil and apply it on your scalp. Onions are also helpful in treatment of thinning hairs, mix onion juice with ½ tbsp of honey and apply this mask.

8.Improves your immunity system:

This is the one of the greatest benefits of onions. As we discussed above, onions are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which can help you to strengthen you immune system. A good immune system will keep lots of disease at the bay.

As we know that onion can be very helpful for our health apart from the benefits highlighted here. But studies have proved that we should add this vegetable in our diet for a healthy body.

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