4 Banana Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Face is the index of beauty and so is the skin. Smooth textured fair skin makes the face shin. There are many home made facials and herbal face packs for keeping the skin lively. Artificial and chemical mixtures in face pack are not good for the texture of skin. For time being the skin may look good but starts showing the early signs of ageing. Chemical based face packs may show some side effects like irritation, skin itching and rashes all over the face. It is better to avoid artificial treatments for maintaining the health of skin and get swiped up with herbal facial or banana face pack.

The most readily available and cheapest fruit in the market is banana. It requires just one ripen banana slices. It should be placed all over the face except eyes because only cucumber slice should be kept on eyes. Bananas are naturally good and stuffed with vitamins and minerals.

  • Banana face mask has the capacity to protect skin from free radicals leading to delay in ageing process. It reduces face rankles or postpones the same. It is advised to start with banana face pack in the young age itself for getting good results.
  • Banana mask helps to get rid of blemishes and dark spots on face and softens the rough skin. It hydrates the cells of skin thereby protecting it from dryness.
  • The mask actually works as natural moisturizer on skin. Mom may insist for banana face pack not only because it is inexpensive also because she loves her children to glow and shine.
  • The nutrients in the fruit can replace the medicinal values of ointments and creams. It can be added with honey and used as face pack because honey is also rich in nutrients and good for skin complexion.
  • The fruit and honey can be grinded to prepare a paste and can be smeared with a smooth application of face brush. It can be pealed like face pack or gently rubbed with water for easy removal.

The idea of 4 Banana Face Masks For Glowing Skin is not a recent one. It is actually a tip from grandma’s hand book, which is valuable than all recent homemade remedies. It is helpful for brightening the skin and removes painful acne.

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