Complete Details On Zika Virus And Its Effects

Zika is one type of virus and it is spread to people through mosquito bites. The common symptoms of the virus diseases are conjunctivitis, rash, fever and joint pain. The symptoms are staying in several days and the illness is normally mild with these symptoms. The symptoms are of the Zika are more or less same to those of chikungunya and dengue. The PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) issued some alert regarding the first confirmed the Zika virus disease in Brazil. After that, the Brazil gives reports of Guillain-Barre syndrome as well as pregnant ladies giving birth to babies with poor pregnancy outcomes and birth defects.


Zika virus spreading:


The CDC has issued important travel notices for those who traveling to certain countries and regions where the Zika virus spread is ongoing. Still also, much research is going on How Zika Virus Can Spread. It is spreading very fast, and now it affects more than 30 countries. Moreover, it could spread further like in mosquitoes stowed way in cargo or bags, in the blood of travelers. If feel the above-mentioned symptoms, see your healthcare professionals and tell your problems and where the Zika is found in your body. Suppose you have traveled recently, tell your healthcare profession where and when you’re traveled. In addition to that, some test is needed to confirm the diseases.


Some effective treatment is available for treating those symptoms. Get plenty of rest those who gets affect from Zika virus. To drink fluids to prevent dehydration, take some medicine that is recommended by specialists. In addition to that, for better result prevent mosquito bites for the initial week of the illness. During the first week, the virus can be found in the blood cells and it passed from an infected individual through mosquito bites to a mosquito. After the infected mosquito can able to spread the Zika virus to another person.

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