Tips for glowing skin using Ayurveda

All of us have a dream to have a clean, healthy and radiant skin that gains attention, this can finally be true with the following tips. Stop irritating your skin by applying the various synthetic skin care and products which are for makeup consisting of chemicals that are harsh. Instead, move on to these 10 proved tips of Ayurveda that can accomplish the health of the skin naturally and provide you a skin that is very beautiful. The most effective tips are as follows:

Skin type:

Know about the type of your skin. According to Ayurveda the skin type of humans are divided into three,

  • Vatta skin
  • Pitta skin
  • Kapha skin

As each of this has a difference in the characteristics and features, they should also be taken care in their appropriate way. Before starting the regimen for your beauty you should be aware of the skin type. By doing this it will be helpful in choosing the appropriate care for your skin and makes you beautiful right from inside so that your skin reflects it.

Customize the skin care:

Once you know the type of your skin, prepare for an eating practice that is healthy and a skin care routine that is robust accordingly.

For ex:

  • People who have vatta skin should concentrate in keeping the skin hydrated
  • The pitta skin persons should take care of their skin that is sensitive
  • The major skin care tip for kapha skin is cleansing

Give appropriate food to skin:

To obtain a skin that is glowing one of the important step is to feed the skin perfectly. If the cells of the skin are nourished properly, then the skin will surely show it. Be sure that you concentrate on items that are healthy and fresh. This in turn reduces the impurities production in the body. This also helps in making the process of digestion easy, tissues which are damaged are repaired, skin cells are regenerated, fight against the problems of the skin and at last provides supple, smooth and glowing skin.


Maintain the skin hydrated all the time is very important. If feasible massage the whole body with herbal massage oil every day. Since it is rich in herbs, such oils give hydration and maximum support to the skin cells. Keeps the skin supple and soft along with providing moisture to the deepest layer. This in turn makes your skin youthful and bright.


Select cleansing that is gentle and natural. Ayurveda strongly says that maintain a healthy and strong internal system, leads eventually to a fresh and clean glow externally. So use the herbal ingredients to keep the entire body nourished, clean and toxin free.

Rest and Sleep:

Get enough rest and a sound sleep. To improve the tone and texture of the skin sleep is one of the main regimes. To provide a proper beauty boost you have to hold a good night sleep. Deep rest will keep you looking young and radiant for long.

Inner beauty:

The internal beauty should be boosted with the help of supplements. The rejuvenating and strengthening the entire system can be done by consuming herbal products


A skin which is healthy and glowing is one of the prominent results of breathing as well as physical exercise. To get a skin that is dazzling perform the workout routine regularly.


When doing meditation you avoid stress and strain. This stops the emotional and mental stress spoil the look by doing meditation every day.


The entire system can be relaxed by obtaining massages of Ayurveda regularly. The massages when done regularly offer you results that are miraculous.

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