The wonderful healing properties of solanum nigrum or Manathakkali leaves

Solanum nigrum herbal plant contains many medical properties which help to treat various types of health disorders. It is called as Manathakkali in Tamil and plays a key role in improving health conditions. The flowers, stem, leaves and the fruits are a suitable one for getting relief from various types of disorders. This plant can be grown anywhere easily that gives ways for increasing the quality of life. Manathakkali will do many wonders to body due to its anti- septic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It is a best one for home remedies and some of them are given below:

1. Treating mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer is mainly caused by poor oral hygienic conditions and diets. Manathakkali leaves are extremely useful for treating this condition and one should keep them in mouth for sometime after chewing.

Manathakkali leaves

2. Preventing digestive problems

The juice which is made from Manathakkali leaves help in preventing digestive problems. It also paves ways for healing peptic ulcer, dysentery and flatulence problems.

3. Decoction for fever

Manathakkali decoction prepared from the fruits and leaves is a suitable one for curing fever problems.

4. Manathakkali paste for skin disorders

The manathakkali paste is a suitable one for treating burns, ringworms, gout and eruptive skin problems to get desired results.

5. Controlling diabetes

Diabetic patients are largely benefited by the manathakkali fruits as they help to live a healthy life considerably.

6. Reducing liver disorders

Manathakkali extract is an ideal one for reducing liver problems such as cirrhosis and hepatitis to minimize the risks.

7. Manathakkali for coughs

Manathakkali decoction helps to get relief from the coughs and cold. It plays a key role in improving the conditions more effectively.

8. Juice for asthma problems

Asthma patients are largely benefited by manathakkali juice as it helps to relieve congestion and other issues.

7. Promotes urinary conditions

The diuretic properties in Manathakkali plant helps to promote urinary system and it gives ways for discharging urine regularly.

8. Treating periods

Manathakkali herb is extremely helpful for women to overcome period problems. It helps to recover from pains quickly by addressing exact needs.

9. Manathakkali for convulsions

Research studies reveal that consuming manathakkali leaves will help in fighting against convulsions.

10. Controlling inflammation

The manathakkali herbal plant helps to control inflammation problems by increasing the immunity levels.

11. Treating hemorrhoids

Anyone who wants to recover from hemorrhoids can take the roots of manathakkali plant for getting major benefits.

12. Manathakkali for eyes

The medical properties in manathakkali herbal plant help to improving the eye conditions to minimize various symptoms.

13. Curing heart diseases

Heart disorders are a risky one and manathakkali herb makes ways for curing and preventing the symptoms of heart diseases.

14. Promoting health

Manathakkali berries are an excellent one for tonic purposes that help to promote the health conditions.
The manathakkali herbal plant is also used for treating tuberculosis, leprosy, nose and ear problems. On the other hand, it is advisable not to handle raw berries and other parts which result in some mild side effect. One should take this herb only after knowing the complete details from experts.

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