The Value of Coriander Leaves

The benefits of coriander leaves are nature’s goodness that is a blessing from the planet to all individuals. The coriander leaves are deep green in color because it is rich in phyto- nutrients that are good for the human body to recover in a natural way from many problems that can be cured by an intake of coriander leaves or by using coriander leaves externally.

  • The coriander leaves is made up of 40 different chemicals in compound.
  • 82% of the chemical compounds are aldehydes
  • 17% are alcohols
  • 10% are carbon atoms


The coriander oils that are extracted from the leaves also known as cilantro leaves inhibits all types of oxidation processes that lea to chemical change and is one of the best known anti oxidants. It is also sued as a natural preservative because of this property.

The juice of the coriander leaves helps to prevent:

  • Lead toxification
  • Detoxifies heavy metal levels in the body

Coriander leaves are an inexpensive way to maintain good health in individuals. The organic properties of coriander leaves are:

  • Dietary fiber 11%
  • Calories 1%
  • Fat 1%
  • Protein 4%
  • Carbohydrate 1%

The mineral content in coriander leaves are:

  • Manganese 21%
  • Potassium 15%
  • Copper 11%
  • Calcium 7%
  • Iron 10%

The essential Vitamins that Coriander Leaves contain are:

  • Vitamin K 388%
  • Vitamin C 45%
  • Vitamin A 135%
  • Folate 16%
  • These vitamins help to Studies have cautioned that pregnant women should take care and the intake of coriander leaves in pregnant women should be prescribed by a doctor even though there is evidence that the flow of breast milk has increased in pregnant women when they have taken coriander leaves in their diet on a regular basis.
  • clear the eczema problems in the skin of individuals
  • it helps to lower the blood pressure
  • helps in the prevention of eye disease especially contagious eye disease such as conjunctivitis.

There above details show that is great value to be found in the cilantro leaves also know as coriander leaves. The seeds are used in cooking and as herbs in the cooking not only to enrich the aroma of the food but to increase the nutritional value of the food.

Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves can be grown at home and they can grow well even in window sills if they are planted in pots. It is a plant that does not need much money to be used on a daily basis, considering that it can be grown at home and in the backyard of homes.

It is safe to be used on infants for:

  • Mild colic condition
  • Improve sleep condition
  • Infant pains

In minor cuts and wounds the coriander is used to stop bleeding and to heal the wounds because of the properties that it contains in the leaves.

It is also believed that the arthritis pain can be reduced with the intake of coriander or dipping the painful part of the body in coriander juice or paste.

The root of the coriander leaves is boiled and it is added as essence to soups and chicken dishes which not only increases the flavor of the dishes but also protects the body with its medicinal properties.

One of the most important values of the coriander leaves is that it helps to reduce the anxiety and stress levels in an individual. This lowers the chances of allergies due to anxiety, pimples and acne conditions in the skin and keeps the organs functioning and healthy.

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