The Use of Aloe Vera in Hair Growth

The first thing that an individual needs to do in the case of hair fall is to see a doctor. There are various reasons why hair fall takes place.

Look for aloe vera products and use the gel on the scalp. Aloe vera has enzymes that promote the growth of hair.

Aloe vera shampoos can be used and the hair needs to be washed twice a week at least to remove the dirt and the bacteria that causes hair loss. This must be accompanied by:


  • An intake of at least 12 glasses of water
  • Fresh fruit or juices
  • Green vegetables and raw vegetables
  • Milk proteins and other vegetable proteins

Aloe vera has properties that cleans the scalp.

Aloe vera nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss

A homemade aloe vera conditioner is to take:

  • 4 oz of aloe vera gel
  • 4oz of water
  • Essential oil that could be coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil mixed together and applied as a conditioner and rinsed off with water.

The ph balance of aloe vera is 4.5 which helps top maintain the ph balance of the hair

It acts as a protective cover for the hair against the environmental condition

Aloe vera also helps to keep the moisture in the hair

Aloe vera can be used a pre shampoo treatment where the aloe vera gel is applied to the scalp and kept on for few minutes. It can be washed off with an aloe vera shampoo. The conditioner can be a aloe vera conditioner that leaves hair hydrated soft and manageable.

The overnight treatment for the hair and the scalp that can be used is:

  • Take half a cup of aloe vera gel add two teaspoons of fenugreek powder, basil powder and mix well.
  • Apply this mixture to the hair and the scalp.
  • Place a shower cap over the head and keep overnight.
  • Wash off with an aloe vera shampoo in the morning

Aloe vera gel can be taken from to aloe vera leaves and combined with the juice of half a lemon. This should be mixed well in a blender and then applied to the hair and scalp either overnight or for at least an hour

It should then be washed off with an aloe vera shampoo

It is the glycol proteins and the polysaccharides that stimulate hair growth.

The natural gel from the plant is more effective that the gel available in stores. The aloe vera plant can be grown at home.

It is aloe barbadensis that is used for therapeutic reasons even though there are 400 types of aloe vera plants that exist.

The gel should be applied to the hair after a hair wash as a conditioner and rinsed after that.

The aloe vera plant is a stem-less plant. It has thick succulent leaves and the gel lies in the layer below the surface layer.

The phyto chemicals that aloe vera contain are:

  • acetylated mannans
  • polymannans
  • anthraquinone C-glycosides
  • anthrones
  • anthraquinones like emodin,
  • Different types of lectins

Oral intake of aloe vera should be avoided as it will lead to effects like



A dry mouth

Kidney dysfunction

Surface use sometimes causes photo toxicity. Individuals prone to allergies should first test aloe vera on the skin with just a drop or two of the gel

Two reviews of clinical studies conducted in 2009 show that there is a possibility that the aloe vera gel may reduce the levels of blood glucose in diabetics.

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