The Natural Benefits of Lady’s Fingers

This vegetable which is green in color is rich in antioxidants and helps to maintain good health. It also assists in the prevention of asthma. Some of the important health benefits are that it contains vitamin A which is good for eye sight. A regular intake of lady’s fingers helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. The vegetable is good for anemic people as it cures anemia as well. The natural content of the vegetable helps in preventing cardio vascular problems.It helps in the prevention of colon cancer and is a natural remedy against sunstrokes and other heat problems in hot climates. For individual who have digestion problems the fiber content of the vegetable assist in digestion and another benefit which is the removal of constipation in individuals. It has a high content of Vitamin K which fortifies the bones in the body and improves blood clothing which is a problem with diabetic patients. It also helps in controlling and reducing diabetes. The last but not the least of the important benefit of the vegetable is that it helps in losing weight naturally as the calorie content is low.


Looking for this vegetable is not difficult. It is available in almost all the places and the characteristic green color and the length of about 15 cm to 16 cms. Of the vegetable tapered at the end is easily spotted in any open market or grocery store. The principal nutrients that the vegetable contains are energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat and dietary fiber. The vitamin content of the vegetable are folates, niacin, panthotenic acid, pyridoxine, ribo-flavines, thiamine and Vitamins C,E A and K. The electrolytes that the vegetable contains are potassium and sodium. It contains 8 minerals essential for good health in the body. These are, calcium, copper magnesium, iron manganese, zinc, selenium and phosphorus. The phyto-nutiretns that the vegetable contains are Carotene-ß, Crypto-xanthin-ß and Lutein-zeaxanthin.

In 100g of lady’s fingers the added value to the body is amazingly rich. It provides the body with energy of 1.5%, carbohydrates up to 7.3g, protein up to 2 g, fat of 0.1 and fiber content of 9%. It also provides in 100g 88mg of folates, 1mg of niacin, 21.1 mg of Vitamin C, 0.36 mg of Vitamin E and 0.53 mg of Vitamin K. The vegetable is rich in minerals and in 100g of lady’s finger the mineral content that is available is 81 mg of Calcium, 0.94mg of Copper, 0.8mg of Iron, 57mg of Magnesium,0.99 mg of Manganese, 63 mg of Phosphorus and 0.6 mg of Zinc.

This vegetable if cultivated in warm, humid tropical and sub-tropical regions in the world and can be found in many countries. Besides being simply boiled it is also cooked in different types of recipes keeping the natural content value intact. It assists in the growth of bacteria in the gut which is beneficial for the body and provides the majority of the natural nutrients, minerals and phyto- nutrients that are essential for the human body. A decoction of the vegetable juices helps in treating arthritis, headaches and muscular spasms as well as the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract. The decoction is also used as a cure for inflammation. The leaves and the roots of the plant are uses as poultice for wounds and injuries which provide antibacterial treatment and anti fungal treatment to heal and dry wounds. The juice is also sued to treat sore throat and urinary infections. Skin itch can be reduced by the intake of the juice or rubbing the raw the clear juice. Daily intake is a essential.

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