The Benefits to Health from Black Beans

Phaseolus vulgaris is the biological name of black beans which we consume and which is delicious to eat.

  • Latest research show that by consuming black beans it helps to create butyric acid that line the walls of the lower tract which support bacterial activity. This keeps the lower tract of the colon functioning properly and reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • When the black beans are combined with rice to forms a complete high protein diet which is excellent for vegetarians, The rice should be brown rice and not the white rice.
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  • When black beans is added to the weekly diet a high levels of soluble fiber have been found to lower the blood cholesterol effectively.
  • beans is added to the weekly diet a high levels of soluble fiber have been found to lower the blood cholesterol effectively.
  • The meager amount of Omega 3 fatty acids counterbalances the effects of the omega 6 fatty acids in our body.
  • The seed coat of the black beans has flavonoids which has properties that reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and inhibits cell mutation.
  • Black beans have molybdenum which is a rare type of mineral that is not found in most of the foods. It has the ability to break down the sulfites in our body which are the cause of disorientation and headaches. The sulfites are acidic compounds that enter the body through wines, dried fruits and are found in certain types of vegetables.
  • If black beans are consumed daily in the diet of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction it has shown to be a proven cure for erectile dysfunction and impotence.
  • The nervous system needs molybdenum and amino acids. It has a proven track record from medical researches that have been conducted that a daily intake of 150 grams of black beans have improved the nervous system.
  • To neutralize the phytic acids in the black beans seed coat, the beans must be soaked and the water would be drained and thrown away.
  • For protecting a fetus in the womb and allowing it to grow in a healthy manner it is necessary for the mother to take a high intake of black beans as it contains folates which are of advantage to both the fetus and the mother to be.
  • The vitamins and minerals that are available in black beans are magnesium, potassium, iron and it is high on folic acids that is a essential element of the black beans.
  • The calorie content is 1.3 calories in 1 gram. Being high in protein and low in carbohydrates it is a good alternative source for meat proteins.
  • ½ cup of cooked black beans contains 20 g of carbohydrates and 7 grams of fiber.
  • Research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has found that the level of antioxidant activity in the black beans is as high as in grapes and cranberries and this is because of the dark seed coat. Being high on anti oxidants means it is extremely beneficial for the human body and it should be included in the weekly diet of a person with at least ½ a cup of cooked black beans every alternate day.

As people grow older less calories are required but higher protein content is necessary for checking cardiovascular problems, diabetes and to maintain the elasticity of the muscles. After 40 it is recommended that ½ a cup of cooked black beans should be included in the weekly diet.

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