Senna Leaf for Weight Loss, Tea Laxative Benefits and How to Use

What is senna leaf?

What is senna leaf and why is it used for weight loss? Senna is a name that originates from Arabic. Senna is known to be a leafy shrub with two species used in herbal remedies: cassia occidentalis and ditremexa occidentalis. The cassia is a laxative herb from the leaves and pods of the senna shrub that grows in India, Pakistan and China.
Senna leaf for weight loss, flowers and leaves may be used.


How does senna work for slimming and fat loss?

Senna leaves or pods contain a variety of chemicals known as sennosides. Sennosides irritate the lining of the bowel thus causing a laxative effect. So, how does it work to help in slimming and fat loss? In two major ways, this plant will help in faster weight loss. Here’s how it works as referenced from Health Guide HQ.

1. Senna has diuretic properties. This makes it good for flushing excess water and other fluids in the body. Like Epsom salt uses for slimming, it will help you lose excess water weight and make you lose weight fast.

2. Senna cleanses the colon. This helps with fat loss and slimming because it reduces waste products in the body, including toxic ones, which are known to cause not only weight gain but also cellulitis.

One of the side effects of this is that, in the process you are likely to experience bowel movements more often and in greater volumes.

Health and losing weight benefits of senna leaves

Other than the above, there are other benefits of senna leaves, its pods and tea that you will enjoy. Fast weight loss and fat loss are not the only ones you will get. Note that this plant is possibly safe during pregnancy, though should be taken in the right dosage to avoid problems. Here are the health benefits.

Senna leaf plant. The leaves are used to make senna tea, a laxative that helps weight loss

Bowel stimulation: When included in your diet, the herbs are known to relieve constipation in approximately 12 hours. Being a natural stimulant, the herb should be taken at the lowest possible dosage until you are certain your body will respond to it positively. It works by causing bowel movements periodically and more often.

Weight loss: To have healthy and sustainable weight loss, it has a purging action especially when taken as tea, which helps to cleanse the colon and reduce the amount of waste held within the body. Its diuretic properties aid in flushing of excess water and fluids from the body, which results to fast weight loss.

Improving digestive health: as a result of bowel stimulation, the colon is cleansed thereby reducing amount of waste from the body.

How to use senna tea for weight loss, how to drink senna tea

The tea that comes from the leaves contain ingredients that works as part of a weight loss plan and also help improve the digestive health from its natural ability to works a laxative. It is important to keep in mind that the benefits are marketed by manufacturers of senna tea and yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. It is therefore prudent to consult with your physician before you use senna tea in order to lose weight.

Here’s how to use senna leaf tea for weight loss. Drinking the tea is said to have better effects than other ways of consuming the laxative.

  • In 1 ½ cups of boiled water ,place the senna tea bag and you are advised to brew for 5 minutes or more. You may add lemon to flavor the tea I f you so desire.
  • A recommended dosage for daily consumption as prescribed is twice daily – once in the morning and again late in the afternoon. Most companies offer decaffeinated blend, therefore your sleeping habits would not be affected at all.
  • For effective digestion, it is advisable to eat a lighter diet; you should mostly consume green salads, lean proteins like chicken and fish. If you must eat snacks, consider whole- grain breads and fruits. Taking plenty of water throughout the day is recommended.
  • If you have to drop pounds, you will have to do more than just taking the tea. It is advisable to exercise while using the senna tea, try to do some aerobics preferably running, swimming or cycling. It could last between 30 to 60 minutes.

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