Office Exercises To Avoid Sleepiness

Sleep is the best medicine to get relief of stress and anxieties. Sleep is essential for a person to stay active.

  • It is essential for a person to have proper sleep, but when a person starts sleeping during work, and then it becomes quite problematic.
  • Although, at times, during work a person tends to get good sleep and could not avoid taking a nap.
  • If a person falls sleepy while working, they would lack concentration and there is a possibility of low productivity and occurrence of mistakes in work is also high.
  • These are some of the disadvantages of sleep.

So a person can follow some exercises and get rid of sleep during work.

Basic Warm Up Exercises At Work To Keep Sleep Away

At regular intervals or whenever a person gets sleepy in the office, they can start with some warm up exercises. The warm up exercises include exercises for neck and shoulder. So the stiffness of the body would not be felt. These include some simple exercises such as rotation of neck and rotation of shoulder. Then a person can include some moves, such as moving left and right.

Walk Few Steps To Energize

The simplest exercise is walk for few minutes. All you need is to get up from your seat and take a walk around to avoid sleep during work. Monotonous work and laziness could be the prime reason which could make a person feels sleepy.

Often after lunch a person feels sleepy as well. Thus walking down can help to a greater extent. You can listen to some music, get some fresh air and come back to your place with full energy to start your work.

Yoga And Dance Moves To Get Your Sleep Away

Yoga, from time immemorial has been considered to be one of the best ways to revitalize. Few minutes of meditation and breathing exercise can be the best cure for people who feel sleepy during work. It also boosts energy and self confidence in a person.

  • Apart from yoga some dance moves can also be helpful to get rid of sleep.
  • You can dance on some of your favorite numbers and see how the energy builds in your body.
  • Standing for a while and stretching exercises helps a person to get rid of sleep.
  • Drinking water and juices which consist of vitamin C can also be helpful in energizing your body.
  • When a person does some of these exercises it is obvious that people at office would stare at you.

Ignore them and make it a point to do some of these exercises regularly, which would help you to keep your sleep away and make you active in your work, increasing the productivity of work thereby.

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