Natural Beauty Tips for Long, Shiny, and Thick Hair

Summary- Beauty does not mean beauty tips of face glow; beauty is associated with every part of body. Head is called the crown of the body. In this condition it is considered the most important part of the body. You should take care your hair, looking after your hair is as important as any other part of the body.

Presently, environment around us contains many elements that affect the quality and type of hair. Some environmental factors such as pollution, air, harmful UV rays sunlight and harmful chemicals, less nutritious diet and lack of sleep affect the type and beauty of hair.

Secrets of long hair

Everyone loves healthy, glossy and shiny hair. However, there is more to achieving straightened and colored hair than simply spending loads of money. Here are simple natural tips for long hair that can help you achieve long, healthy hair worthy of shooting a hair care commercial.

Adapt a healthy diet

You need to take a well balanced diet. But, what foods do you need for your hair? For proper hair nourishment, be sure to take foods that are rich in proteins, biotin, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Proteins promote growth, repairs brittle hair and maintain hair color. Individuals suffering from Zinc deficiency may experience hair shedding, while biotin deficiency on the other hand can result in brittle hair. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for hair conditioning as well as promotion of scalp health.

Proper brushing

Want tips in hair? How to get thick hair? Keep off wooden combs and plastic bristles. Instead of these, go for natural boar bristles when brushing dry hair and a rubber tooth wide paneled brush when brushing damp hair. Always brush your hair before apply a shampoo. Use gentle strokes on dry hair to remove flakes from the scalp as well as any product build up. This is also important for scalp stimulation as well as blood flow to the hair follicles. Keep in mind that wet hair easily snaps and stretches. Thus, always be gentle when brushing wet or damp hair.

Protect your ends

Before any home coloring session, always be sure to mist your ends. This is because the ends are usually porous and thus tend to absorb more pigment. Proper misting prevents the chemicals from damaging or saturating the strands. In addition, remember to trim damaged ends on a regular basis. This will improve the overall texture and appearance. Also, be sure to use color protective products. When coloring your hair, chemicals tend to penetrate the outer layer.

Deep conditioning treatments

It is important that you deep condition your hair at least twice every two weeks. Deep conditioners work by penetrating the hair shaft in order to strengthen strands. You can intensify the conditioning treatment using your blow dryer. The heat from the dryer opens the cuticles thus letting the ingredients fully penetrate the strands.

Always use an Ion hair dryer

Ion dryers use negative ions to break up water molecules more efficiently than the traditional dryers. This cuts the drying time by up to 50%. In addition, Ion dryers also cancel positive ions that cause hair damage.

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