Murungai Keerai Medicinal Uses and Values/Drumstick leaves medicinal uses

The drumstick tree is a one which is very common in India. All the parts of the tree hold its own medicinal values and they are used for all the foods in various manner. It mainly prevents diseases that affect the cardiac system.

The following are the medicinal uses of the murungai keerai.

murungai keerai leaves

  • The leaves of drumstick are used in treating rheumatism, ascites and venomous bites since it contains antiseptic, circulatory and cardiac stimulants.
  • The juice is mixed with honey for diseases in the eye and applied in the eyelids
  • The fresh root of the tree that is young is used as vesicant and rubefacient. The benefit it offers to the body internally is, it is a diuretic, stimulant and antilithic. The external benefit which it provides is it is applied as poultice or plaster to swellings that are inflammatory
  • In fainting fits which are caused due to nervous debility, hysteria,spasmodic affections of the bowel and flatulence,the juice of the leaves is dropped into the eyes.
  • The root if consumed in the doses that are prescribed is given for fevers that are intermittent, epilepsy, paralytic affections, hysteria, chronic rheumatism, in palsy that are external, spleen enlargement, dyspepsia and also in bites of animals that are rabid.
  • The seeds of the plant are stimulant and acrid. The seeds oil is applied in rheumatism and gout. The leaves contains high ratio of vitamin C and A and helps in treating catarrhal affections.
  • A mix of the roots and peels of orange with a little bruised nutmeg is used to treat giddiness, fainting fits, nervous debility, hysteria, spasmodic affections of the bowel and flatulence.
  • The juice which is extracted freshly from the root bark is used to treat otalgia and dental caries
  • The root and mustard seeds are grinded together to relieve ascites which is caused due to the diseases of the spleen or liver. When it is infused it can also treat soreness of throat and mouth, pain in gums.
  • The paste which is obtained from the leaves is used externally for wounds. The swelling in the glands is reduced by consuming leaves poultice.
  • For otalgia problems the gums are mixed with the oil of sesamum and are dropped into the ear. For headaches the gums are mixed with milk and made into a paste, applied to the temples.
  • The above paste is also applied to bones that are painful in syphilis and buboes.
  • The flowers of the plant are used as a stimulant, diuretic, tonic and cholagogue. The bile flow is increased by consuming the flowers.
  • In sub-acute cases of enlarged spleen and liver the pods which are made into soup as they are prescribed, tetanus, articular pain, paralysis, debility of nerves, pustules, leprosy and patches.
  • The curry which is made out of the pods that are unripe can act as a preventive against worms in the intestine.
  • The other miraculous qualities of drumsticks is its ability for water purification, has been used for centuries by the households. But in the recent times it has been tested commercially.

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