Moringa leaves health benefits

Moringa Leaves

The moringa plant is also known as “miracle tree” and as “mother’s best friend”. Every part of the tree has medicinal properties. Moringa leaves have a rich source of various nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E. they can be cooked and consumed in various ways.


Some of the health benefits of moringa leaves are as follows:

moringa leaves


Moringa leaf consists of antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory, iron. They help in curing injuries that are minor like cuts, bruises and burns. It also helps the injuries to heal quickly.

Amino Acids:

The leaves of moringa are rich in 18 amino acids which is very useful in building blocks in the body, proteins. These help in proper functioning of the body.


These leaves contain Ayurvedic properties. For the mothers who are nursing this is given as a medicine that is traditional, as it helps in milk production or increase in lactation.


When patients are affected by diabetes it decreases the production of insulin. The leaves of moringa give energy with the absence of sugar. It is a medicine herbally which helps in reduction of sugar levels.


The body is energized and nourished by the leaves as it contains properties of slimming and fat burning. The craving for junk food is stopped if you consume these leaves. The cholesterol level is lowered with reduction in heart diseases and other problems caused in cardiovascular system.


The cells are maintained healthy in the body since antioxidants play a vital role. This can slow down the process of aging, reduce cancer risk. They promote skin that is healthy and also trigger weight loss and stimulate metabolism.
Nervous System:

Many nervous system disorders can be fought against with the help of moringa leaves. It has proven results against headaches, migraine, irritability etc…


These leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins as it is beneficial to scalp and hair. They can be used to prevent damage of hair, dry, dandruff, lifeless hair, cleanse scalp and hair. The blood circulation in the scalp is increased; growth of hair is boosted, leading to healthy and strong hair.

Assist Digestion:

The leaves of moringa are easily digestible and help the food to get digested properly. All the parts of the body absorb more nutrients for obtaining benefits that are to its maximum.


The consumption of the moringa leaves lead to increase in energy, provide an overall well-being feeling. The leaves increases energy in a way that is natural without any raise in sugar levels.


It functions at a level that is optimal as the moringa leaves cleanse and detoxify your body.


In the cosmetic industry the extract of moringa leaves is used as it contains various properties of skin purification and therapeutic properties. The impurities from the skin are removed and the skin gets rejuvenated. The leaves also enhance fairness and skin colour that is natural is maintained.

Include the leaves of moringa in your daily diet and enjoy the various benefits it provides for health, hair and skin.

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