Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

The first thing that new mothers think of is getting into shape immediately to lose weight after child birth. A little known fact is that while breast feeding a baby,calories are burnt up so while breast feeding there is every chance that there will be a natural weight loss, post pregnancy.

There are few things that need the attention of all new mothers post pregnancy:

  • Never go without any meals to lose weight
  • Reduce the quantity of food but not the quality of the foods.
  • Reduce main meals to about 6 small intakes of food and plenty of fluids
  • Stay active with physical movement that is light and healthy. There is a difference between losing fat in the body and losing muscle content.
  • No attempt should be made to reduce weight immediately. A new mother needs to weight for a period of 6 weeks at least before deciding to lose weight.
  • Pregnancy weight is difficult to lose if a mother is looking for immediate weight loss which is unhealthy.
  • Pregnancy weight is easy to lose, if a new mother is patient with herself and her body.
  • Staying away from sweets, and sugared juices, will help to reduce the weight naturally with light physical exercises.
  • To have sufficient milk to breast feed a baby a new mother needs to drink milk as well. To help in weight loss milk that is low fat and low calorie is good for both the mother and the baby.

The best way to lose weight post pregnancy is be careful of how much weight has been gained during pregnancy. Eating right during pregnancy is the best weight to make sure that the weight loss after pregnancy is quick.

Physical exercises after pregnancy will automatically take place while taking care of the body. This will also help to reduce the weight body faster if a new mother is patient with herself. Light exercises burn up fat faster post pregnancy than very long periods of stretches and severe exercises. Massage the body with lemon juice and honey and drink warm lemon juice with honey to increase the burning of fat in the body.

Keeping a check on what is eaten is necessary: sweets fried foods, cakes, chocolates, pastries and sugared or carbonated juices and drinks should be avoid. The diet should be rich in fruits vegetables and nuts that will provide the fiber content in the body and keep the muscle content in the body intact. Milk should skimmed milk and tea and coffee should be drunk without cream or sugar. The slow steady loss of post pregnancy fat is a permanent loss of pregnancy fat.

Environmental Science and Technology studies shows that a few minutes spent outdoor in the process of light exercise is good or weight loss as it increases the levels of oxytocin in the body and reduces the cortisol hormones that are secreted which increase with gain.

The number of calories that should be cu t down per day is between 500 calories to 750 calories

The weekly calorie content should not exceed 3500 calories to 5300 calories per week.

Light physical exercises and breastfeeding help lose weight after pregnancy faster.

If the weight gain is more than 35 pounds it may take up to another 10 months to lose pregnancy weight so it is necessary for the new mother to be patient with herself.

Burning fat too quickly in the body will also signal to the body that the body is starved and this will reduce the metabolic rate in the body .

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