Keezhkainelli: A best home remedy for jaundice problems

Jaundice is mainly caused by the inflammation of liver, bile duct obstruction or gallstones which leads to various problems. Some other reasons for this disorder include hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, yellow fever, tuberculosis, powerful medications, etc. It results in skin discoloration, white eyes, fever, loss of appetite, confusion, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, general weakness, abdominal pains, etc. People should follow precautionary measures in order to combat the symptoms effectively.

Although there are several herbal plants available for treating the jaundice, Keezhkainelli botanically known as Phylanthus niruri is considered as a best remedy for minimizing the symptoms to a greater extent.

Keezhkainelli herbs

This herb helps to protect the body from jaundice and other liver diseases. The stem, leaf and roots are primarily used for medicinal purposes to live a healthy life.

The plant contains anti-oxidant and other properties which help to get relief from jaundice as soon as possible.
It has been proved that consuming Keezhkainelli juice or decoction will help to fight against jaundice problems. For severe jaundice, one can take it for a period of 10 days.

Jaundice patients should follow special diet plan while using this plant. It is advisable not to add tamarind, pepper, chilly ingredients and fat contents to foods. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be prohibited strictly.
Keezhakainelli when taken along with other herbal plants or natural products give ways for reducing the symptoms of jaundice.

A recent study reveals that it plays an important role in controlling the growth of virus which causes hepatitis. Apart from that, it helps in strengthening liver conditions by cleaning the body in an effective manner.

One can mix the leaves of this plant in buttermilk which help to recover from the symptoms of jaundice.
Keezhkainelli herb is an effective one for treating the symptoms of jaundice that give ways for leading a normal life.

Nowadays, many ayurvedic shops offer capsules or syrup at affordable rates to improve the conditions.
Jaundice might paralyze the normal life of a person. Therefore, it is essential to undergo medical and other tests for treating the symptoms.

It is necessary to prevent oil, non- vegetarian and spicy foods after consuming keezhakainelli herb.
People who have jaundice symptoms must avoid performing physical activities in order to control complications. Urine tests are necessary one to confirm them immediately.

Keezhakainelli can also be used for treating urinary problems, scabies, psoriasis and other disorders.
Separate clothing, plates, glass and rooms are an essential one for jaundice patients so that it will not affect others.

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