How to get perfect straight hair

Environmental conditions are changing today and many people find it difficult to maintain their hair properly. Some even face hair damages due to high pollution levels, poor diet and other issues. Most men and women want to have beautiful straight hair in order to get an attractive look. Although there are many products that are available in the markets, one can also try for some home remedies for ensuring healthy hair. Home remedies help to minimize expenses in hair management process.

1. Egg white

Egg white mixed with rice flour will boost the hair conditions and this mix can be applied on the hair to witness major changes.

2. Natural oils

Natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, soya bean oil, etc. add strength to hair because of their properties. It is advisable to soak the oils for 30 minutes to get straight hair.

3. Honey with milk

Honey in a cup of milk acts as a best straightener and it can be kept on hair for nearly 2 hours to get excellent results.

4. Lemon juice with coconut milk

Coconut milk with lemon juice will yield in better results. Applying this mixture on the hair gives more softness and also paves ways for managing unruly curls.

5. Banana & Aloe Vera gel mask

Applying banana and aloe Vera gel mask on hair acts as a perfect conditioner to get a shiny look and it can be rinsed for nearly 30 minutes.

6. Using Vinegar

Vinegar is said to be one of the best remedy for hair straightening process and it can be used after washing the hair.

7. Celery juice

Juice which is extracted from celery can be stored in a bottle for overnight and it can be applied on the roots of hair to witness an excellent look.

8. Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth straightens the hair naturally and it promotes the hair growth too. Moreover, it will not damage the hair after applying it on hair with egg white and rice flour.

9. Hot oil treatments

The process of carrying out hot oil treatments regularly will improve the hair condition. One can massage them on his or her hair for nearly 45 minutes to witness excellent results.

10. Herbal mixtures

Moisturizing hair with herbs such as rose, burdock, lavender, rosewood, chamomile, calendula, etc. will give better results. People can make herbal infusion with vinegar when straightening their hair.

11. Curd

Curd is one of the best natural remedy for straightening the hair and adding honey with curd will help to get a shiny appearance.

12. Tea

Tea serves as a right conditioner for hair straightening process and applying boiled black tea leaves will aid in making hair soft.

These natural remedies make hair soft and straight. Furthermore, they avoid the risks of side effects.

Tips for hair straightening

There are certain procedures to be followed before trying natural remedies. It is necessary to go through the guidelines of experts which help to experience desired changes. Both men and women can straighten hair in their home with natural remedies.

Chemical products might affect the condition of hair. Hence, it is advisable to avoid them and one can straighten his or her hair in a nearby spa or salon also.

Videos are available for natural remedy process and they provide ideas about hair straightening process.

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