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causes of a dry cough

A dry, hacking cough may develop toward the end of a cold or after you’ve been exposed to an irritating substance, such as cigarette smoke or dust . Accompanying the itchy throat and watery eyes that come with allergies, a dry cough can make your sneezing and nasal congestion feel worse.

Other causes of a dry cough include:

    • Asthmatics can battle a dry, nagging cough that comes and goes as it pleases.
    • Certain medications can cause a dry cough, including blood pressure medications called ACE inhibitors.
    • Rooms that present low moisture levels can dry out the mucous membranes and irritate the throat.
    • When acid from your stomach makes contact with your esophagus, your throat often becomes irritated.

This condition is called gastro esophageal reflux (also known as GERD) and it can cause a dry cough to develop in the middle of the night.

How to cure dry cough in children? It’s a big question

Here are some severe or bad cough home remedies

  • Pepper corns, cumin seeds, few garlic flakes can be boiled in water and the strained decoction can be mixed with honey and consumed to get rid of a cough. You can also simply increase your intake of garlic as garlic is very effective bad cough cure.
  • Ginger tea, prepared by adding a few pieces of ginger into boiled water before adding tea leaves, is another effective remedy for cough.
  • Sipping hot water mixed with honey brings cough relief naturally. However, do not make the water too hot.
  • For a dry or non productive cough that is very severe, doing a gargle with warm spinach juice can help provide relief. Another herbal remedy that will help with a bad dry cough requires Cuscus grass and coconut milk. Mix some cuscus grass with four times the amount of coconut milk. You can also add some honey to this mixture. Drink this mixture every night before going to sleep.
  • Soak almonds overnight. Remove their skin. Make a paste of these almonds with little butter and sugar. Very useful remedy for a dry cough.

You can also make a mixture with a crushed onion and lemon juice. Add a cup of boiling hot water and some honey. Drink this mixture at least twice or thrice a day. Continue this for a few days for results. This is a very useful and effective Ayurvedic home remedies for dry cough in children.

Severe Cough and Useful Home Remedies

Summary-If you suffer from a persistent dry cough; it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor to help detect the presence of any underlying condition. The effective treatment of this condition will also bring relief to the dry cough and finally resolve the problem. While suffering from a dry cough can be a very uncomfortable and irritating condition, it draws the same reaction from people in close proximity to the patient and is one of the reasons that other individuals will also coax the patient to seek treatment.

People suffering from asthma are highly prone to dry coughs, while people suffering from conditions such as pulmonary disease and seasonal allergies are also at risk. It is also important to keep in mind the fact that there are a few medicines that also list the development of a dry cough as a likely side effect, so you may want to check any prescriptions that you are on to identify if this is the root cause. A cough is not always a medical problem, although coughing can at times indicate the presence of some health condition or infection. Coughing is not really a condition in itself, but is simply a natural reflex to keep the throat and airways clear.

Dry cough relief for kids, toddlers, babies and infants are particularly popular, because many over the counter drugs can be quite strong and are not ideally suited to frequent administration particularly in children. The same holds true for pregnant women, which is why there is a widespread usage of cough remedies for kids and cough remedies while pregnant for pregnant women.

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