Health Benefits & Uses of Pirandai Plant

There are different types of herbal plants that are being cultivated in different parts of the world. Herbal remedies are becoming a popular one due to their medical properties. At the same time, some might cause side effects and it is advisable to take them with care. Pirandai known as “Veldt Grape” in English contains many medicinal benefits. It can be easily grown anywhere in home or other places. The plant is itchy in nature and one can handle it after rubbing hands with some drops of sesame oil. High nutritional values in Pirandai plant give ways for treating and preventing certain health disorders to live a healthy life. Several dishes are made from this plant and they are taken along with food items. Some of them include pickles, chutney, papads, etc.


Pirandai oil is an effective one in treating the broken bones. It helps for recovering from the problems quickly. This oil also plays a key role in improving the conditions of broken bones.

Pirandai extract

The extract which is prepared from pirandai herb is extremely useful for weight loss process which gives ways for reducing appetite levels. It regulates the metabolism of the body to maintain normal weight.

Pirandai powder

Pirandai powder is an ideal one for controlling blood sugar levels to a greater extent. In addition, it provides ways for treating diabetes problems.

Pirandai poultice

Pirandai poultice is an excellent natural remedy for getting relief from sprains and swollen joints.

Pirandai for cholesterol problems

The pirandai herbal plant is a best one for keeping cholesterol levels in a better condition to minimize heart disorders.

Overcoming stomach infections

Pirandai plant is highly recommended for curing stomach problems including ulcer and indigestion symptoms.

Pirandai for ladies

Women who suffer from menstrual cramps and irregular periods can take this plant to overcome complications.

Reducing inflammation

Pirandai which is rich in vitamin C is an ideal one for dealing infection problems to fight against swelling and paining.

Purifying blood

Pirandai plant serves as a blood purifier which helps to treat problems that are mainly caused by blood.

Treating piles

It is suitable one for treating piles. The plant also gives ways to get rid of intestinal worms to avoid health issues.

Pirandai for asthma

The pirandai juice is excellent for treating asthma problems and respiratory problems to improve the quality of life.

Boosting strength

The plant plays an important role in boosting strength and energy of bones. It is a best one for body building process.

Pirandai juice

Juice which is made from pirandai plant is extremely helpful for treating nose bleeding problems.

Curing skin diseases

This herbal plant acts as an agent for curing various types of skin diseases. It is also used for treating stress and other psychological problems.

Pirandai for osteoporosis

The extract which is made from pirandai is used for getting relief from age related problems such as osteoporosis.
Pirandai can be included in daily diet plan to prevent health disorders. It is also an ideal one for children to overcome stomach or other problems. Guidelines for making powder and juice can be known from several sources to promote health. The medical properties in pirandai pave ways for overcoming health disorders quickly. It also helps for increasing the immunity power in the body to live a healthy life.


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