Health Benefits of Custard Apple

The acids of the Apple not only make the fruit itself digestible, but even make it helpful in digesting other foods. Popular instinct long ago led to the association of apple sauce with such rich foods as pork and goose, and the old English fancy for eating apple pie with cheese, an obsolete taste, nowadays, is another example of instinctive inclination, which science has approved.

Sitafal: The Sugar Apple

Annona squamosa belongs to family Annonaceae and it is known as Sugar apple or Custard apple in English. A shrub or small tree up to 6 m high, Custard apple is edible fruit with white pulp that contains many black shiny seeds in it. It is commonly found in deciduous forests and also cultivated in many parts of India. Pulp of the fruit is eaten fresh or converted into juice or shake. Fruits are normally eaten fresh. It is known for various medicinal properties too.

Custard Apple

Grape Apple Salad Recipe

In the catalog of fruit salads, grape apple salad recipe is hitting the top score. Grape apple fruit salad recepie gives you an ultimate opportunity to savor the wonderful taste of beautiful colored fresh grapes and apples. Read further to learn the steps as to how to make the receipe of grape apple salad.

Custard Apples having Proteins

Custard apples are a well-balanced food having protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins, energy and little fat. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, a good source of dietary fibre, a useful source of Vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, and with some B2 and complex carbohydrate.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

For Skin and Hair:

Thanks to the high-levels of vitamin A, custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturisation and anti-aging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of custard apple is helpful in combating against tooth decay and gum pain .

Increasing Weight:

Custard apples are good for those who need to gain weight. A mixture of honey and custard apple when consumed regularly will help add on the required weight and those much required calories.


Custard apple helps develop the brain, nervous system and immune system of a fetus effectively. Regular consumption of custard apple also reduces the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and minimizes the extent of labor pain during childbirth. The pregnancy-wonder fruit also helps the expectant mother to cope with morning sickness, fight nausea, numbness and mood swings. Regular consumption during pregnancy is excellent for production of breast milk.

Cure Asthma:

Custard apple is rich in vitamin B6, which help reduce the bronchial inflammation and help prevent asthmatic attacks.

Cure Heart Attacks:

The magnesium content in custard apples helps defend the heart from cardiac attack and can help relax the muscles. Moreover, vitamins B6 in custard apples help prevent homocystein collection which also minimizes the risk of heart diseases.

Cure Digestion related problem:

Custard apple is rich in copper and dietary fibre, which helps assist digestion, help ease bowel movement and relives from constipation. Sun dried custard apple pulp can be crushed into powder and consumption of the powder with water will help heal diarrhea.

Alleviate Diabetics:

The abundance of dietary fiber in custard apple helps slow down the absorption of sugar and reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Custard apples are good sources of potassium and magnesium which help keep the blood pressure levels in control. For those with fluctuating blood pressure levels, a custard apple a day will help keep them in control.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Custard apples contain high levels of niacin and dietary fiber, which help lower cholesterol levels effectively.

Treating Anemia:

Custard apples serve as a stimulant, coolant, expectorant and haematnic. Moreover, the rich iron source is also useful in treating anemia.

Forget counting the seeds of the fruit, instead, start counting the health benefits and relish the creamy fruit. Leave a comment below to share your views.

Tuberculosis treatment with Custard Apple:

Custard apple is considered as one of the most precious remedies for tuberculosis. It is said to have the qualities of rejuvenating drugs. Ayurvedic practitioners made fermented liquor called sitaphalasava from this fruit, when in season, for use as a remedy in the treatment of this disease. The pulp of two custard apples and twenty-five seedless raisins should be simmered in water on a slow fire. When about one-third of the water is left, it should be filtered, and then mixed with two teaspoons of crushed sugar candy, and a quarter teaspoon each of the powder of cardamom, cinnamon, and certain other condiments.

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