Eclipta Alba (Karisalankanni )benefits and usages

Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj)(Karisalankanni )in also known as False Daisy, bhringraj and yerba de tago referred to be cure for hair fall treatment and skin disorders. It is called by different names in different language, such as Hindi: Banora, Bhangaraiya, in Telugu: Guntagal Agaraku, in Punjabi: Bhangra and etc. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae. The structure of the roots is well developed with the cylindrical in shape and bearing a grayish color tone.

Common benefit and uses

Eclipta Alba benefits (Bhringraj) (Karisalankanni )are several and uses considering different varieties of this herb, with yellow, blue, white and red, each with different attributes and features. White and yellow are the one playing a role in ancient medicine providing cure to the patient. It has been observed that white is available commonly is different moist places, found in the form of weed.

Eclipta Alba

Most of the people suggest to have bought fresh herbs from the market, it is important to select that herb with couple of nodes amongst the fresh ones. Several home remedies have been development using this herb for the purpose of curing of many different types of diseases. Here are the lists of benefits and usages of this herb.

Patients suffering from Jaundice

Eclipta Alba (Karisalankanni ) is one of the most powerful tools to be used since ages to provide with the cure and treatment of jaundice. Different studies have been conducted with the respect to white and yellow variety of this herb and it has been found to be quite effective against liver injury or in case the patient is suffering from inflammation. The herb functions as preventive measures to be taken against the cure of major diseases such as jaundice, hemorrhoids, indigestion and fatty liver which have direct connection with the liver injury.

Urinary infections

Patients suffering from urinary infections are advised to consume about quarter or half glass of its juice on daily basis to have provide them with relieve from this disease.

Hair tonic

One of the best use for the patients suffering from unattended hair fall or lack of growth, it can provide with proper solutions as it also performs as a conditioner for the hair. Patients can use its powder mixing it along with the coconut oil and heating it, after this process it is refrigerated and packaged in bottle.

Suffering from Cough and lung infection

This herbs works well when the patient is suffering from lung infection and throat problems. Many people suggests to take equal quantity of yellow Eclipta Alba (Karisalankanni )along with the sesame oil and boiled them together at a low temperature till the time you are able to see that water is evaporated. It is recommended to take about half or one spoon full of liquid which can be taking in morning as well as at night time.

Best remedy for eye

This herb has proven itself to be used for protection against blindness and different types of eye diseases due to high volume of carotene.

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