Eclipta Alba an all natural hair re growth Treatment

People suffer from hair fall solution with the passage of time they tend to lose hair due to number of reason, either they have inborn disease or it is due to heredity issues. These types of problem are faced by patients with inability to cope up with the social pressure to join a company of friends. A lot of scientific studies have been carried to find out herbal solution for this problem. Eclipta Alba for hair growth is the best solution for the patients for the problems.

Hair fall solution for all ages

There are several ways in which you can use Eclipta Alba oil for hair growth, Eclipta Alba is found mostly in tropical and wet temperature climatic regions around the world with the daisy like shape, with white and delicate flowers. This herb has been used since older ages in ancient medicines for the cure of different diseases.

Eclipta Alba herbs

Methods to use Eclipta Alba are as follows:

It is available in either a powder or oil from considering the requirements of the patients in different natural food stores. Those stores dealing with the organic food also have this herb available with them. There are two primary methods to have prepared herbal medicine for you:

  • It is recommended to have changed the form of the plant into powder form and then mixing it with sesame or coconut oil.
  • The leaves of the herbal plant needs to be boiled down to make a juice from it and after mixing it with the coconut or sesame oil or other method is to boil them together.

There are several ways to use this herbal medicine; some of them are listed below:

  • Applying it on the night since you have planned to carry out shampoo in the morning as a pretreatment for your hairs. It is recommended to have applied bhringaraj oil directly on the scalp and with the gentle massage on it to have it observed completely.
  • If you want to have an extra body adds some fruit amla with it.
  • There are shampoos available in the market containing bhringaraj so that you should be able to avoid using oil in the night.

There are several benefits associated with this herb which adds to the value of your hair growth, the patients will be able to observed regeneration of the hair looking very fresh and healthy.

It is highly recommended for all ages irrespective of the gender. Many patients are suffering from stress related diseases; this is one of the best cures for those patients as it helps a lot in making sure that your hair starts to grow though being effected by medicines taken over a passage of time.

The applications needs to applied and repeated for about two to three months as herbal medicines do take a lot of time to take it effects and provide themselves with the solutions the patients are looking for and relieving them from these problems.

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