Differences Between Asthma in Children and Adults

Today’s people have lot of health issues and most of the health problems are facing by the children in their young age. There is lot of development in the industrial field and we can see many vehicles everywhere. The increase in population is the main reason for pollution and pollution is the main reason for breathing problem. Most of the adults have the asthma and allergy problem and they could not bear the dust because they will have the asthma problem. People those who have asthma problem it is hard for them to breathing. This problem is common for both adult and children. It is better to take the treatment in the starting stage. It will spoil the lungs. Some of the symptoms of asthma are frequent coughing, tight feeling in chest, shortness of breath, when exhaling wheezing noises. Some of the reason for asthma is dust, smoke, cold temperatures, exercise, pollen, respiratory inspections, mold or mildew and cockroaches.

For children it is hard to recognize the asthma problem because they have very small bronchial tubes and if they have cold or flu will irritate their bronchial tube. Both the children and adult will have wheezing problem and cough if they have asthma. They need to be careful from dust and pollen. Children those who have asthma problem will have damage on their growing lungs. For adults those who have severe asthma will experience the lungs problem in future. It will decline the function of the lungs. It is good to take the better treatment in the early stage to avoid damage of lungs. Whether they are adult or children it is better to see the best doctor for the treatment of the disease and they need to adopt the correct treatment plan. Thus they can control their diseases without any severity.

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