Dangerous Zika Virus to Meet the Person Silent Death

The recent virus is terrified and gets the people to peril zone by the spread of Zika virus. The main cause of Zika virus is spread by the mosquito bites. This virus is related to dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. Only the mild symptoms can begin first with no any severe effects of illness. The main symptoms are joint pain, red eyes, fever, and rash. The infection of Zika virus is confirmed first in Brazil in May 2015. It mainly attacks the pregnancy lady to cause the young one with no brain, short head, weak muscles and other symptoms in the new birth. It can spread from person to person not as airborne. About Zika virus to get the possibilities of diagnosis and treatments are in the following.


Diagnosis for Zika virus:

The similar symptoms are the diseases of chikungunya and dengue that spread via the same mosquitoes transmit the Zika virus. See your family doctor if you observe the increase of symptoms described over and have stayed a region of Zika affect is found. If you have travelled recently, express to your personal doctor and the region you travelled. Your personal doctor may order for specific blood tests or some viruses such as chikungunya or dengue.

Treatment for the virus:

There is no specific vaccine to treat or prevent the Zika infections.

  • The initial thing you have to take more rest.
  • Drink plenty of fluid items to stop the dehydration.
  • Take the medicine of pain and relief fever of acetaminophen (Tylenol).
  • Don’t take any aspirin or other non-inflammatory steroids or tonics.
  • If you presently take any medicine for other treatments, express to your personal doctor prior taking further medication.
  • If you have affected with Zika, first stop from mosquito bites to reduce your illness.
  • The infection in the first week, the Zika virus can locate in the blood and transmitted from an infected individual to mosquito by mosquito bites.

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