Can Neem Leaves Help Hair Growth?

  • Neem is an antiseptic
  • Neem has anti-bacterial properties
  • It is a blood purifier
  • Neem oil should be mixed with another hair oil and applied overnight or before washing hair. This removes the inhibiting factors to hair growth and helps to increase the growth of hair.
  • NEEM Leaves

  • The oil from the neem leaves when applied to the scalp and left on for a while removes the fungus growth and prevents dandruff from occurring in the scalp which increases hair growth.
  • The oil from the neem leaves helps frizzy hair to remain soft and from properly as it hydrates the hair and leaves the frizzy hair soft and manageable to grow and breathe.
  • The neem leaves and the oil repair the hair cuticle and remove the dryness which helps the hair to retain moisture and grow properly
  • Neem treats hair and scalp problems and leaves the care manageable and soft by removing the growth obstructing bacteria and fungus from the hair.
  • Neem leaves need to be boiled and when the water turn green it needs to be strained and applied to the hair as a rinse after hair wash. Drinking neem water is also good though the taste is bitter. It prevents the types of disorders that cause hair fall such as hypertension, dirty scalp bacterial growth etc.
  • Neem contains properties that are regenerative in nature and this helps to stop hair fall in an individual.
  • A paste of boiled neem leaves, water and honey can be prepared and applied to the scalp as a hair pack
  • Neem oil contains fatty acids – such as linoleic, oleic, stearic acids which promote the growth of hair and stop hair fall.
  • Neem oil keep air insects away so that they cannot feed on the blood from the hair follicle or bacteria killing the hair follicles.
  • It keeps the sc alp healthy and this helps hair to grow freely.
  • Neem belongs to the mahogany family: Meliaceae
  • The neem leaf is a weed status leaf.
  • Neem may form certain forms of toxic encephalopathy and ophthalmopathy if taken in excess or applied in excess
  • The medicinal properties of neem make it a natural way of curing many illnesses that lead to hair loss or baldness in many cases.

The tree is mostly found in Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. It also grows in southern Iran. The leaf is deep green in color and rich in phyto-nutrients and chemicals that are a natural protection against the types of skin and hair ailments that affect individuals.

The neem tree can thrive up to high altitudes of 1500m. It can grow in leached soil and in marginal soils.45% of the neem kernel is oil.

Neem oil contains triterpenes and the most effective chemical in this category is limonoids, and this available in plenty in neem oil which is valuable for hair growth.

  • Azadirachitin fights insects and pests
  • Meliantriol used to protect crops and hair from lice
  • Nimdin contain anti viral properties
  • Gedunin is a natural treatment for malaria

Neem leaves prevent the following types of fungus which affect skin hair and nails:

  • Trichophyton – an ‘athlete’s foot’ fungus that infects hair, skin and nails;
  • Epidermophyton – a ‘ringworm’ that invades both skin and nails of the feet;
  • Microsporum – a ‘ringworm’ that invades hair, skin and (rarely) nail
  • Trichosporon – a fungus of the intestinal tract;
  • Geotrichum – a yeast like fungus that causes infections of the bronchi, lungs and mucous membranes

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