Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi also known as Holy basil is widely used for religious purposes in India. It contains medical properties which help to heal a lot of health disorders effectively to live a healthy life. The plant plays a key role in Ayurvedic treatment process and medicines to maintain health in a good condition. Some of the top medical benefits of Tulsi are as follows:


Tulsi herb plant is a suitable one for healing respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, influenza, flu and cold. Chewing Tulsi leaves will help to get relief from all types of respiratory diseases.

2. Purifying blood

Leaves of Tulsi make feasible ways for purifying the blood to keep heart in a better condition. It is a suitable one for removing free radicals from the body. Tulsi reduces blood pressure and to lower heart disorders. The plant acts as a detoxifier to control free radicals.

3. Healing teeth problems

The herb is extremely useful in preventing teeth disorders and mouth infections to keep dental health in a good condition. Powder which is made from the leaves can be used for brushing teeth to eliminate pains, bad breath and other dental problems.

4. Preventing eye disorders

Holy basil is said to be a best one for protecting eyes from the damages which are caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of Tulsi leaves will help to get relief from conjunctivitis, sore eyes and headaches.

5. Combating skin disorders

Juice which is prepared from the Tulsi leaves can be applied on the skin to overcome ringworm and other diseases. Tulsi paste is extremely useful for treating insect bites and infections to prevent skin from damages.

6. Overcoming kidney stones

Tulsi herbal plant is a suitable one for overcoming kidney stones. It also helps for improving kidney conditions to a wider extent. Furthermore, it paves ways for reducing renal stones by expelling them through urinary tract.

7. Rejuvenating body

Holy basil is considered as a tonic for rejuvenating body to avoid aging problems. It helps to fight against the scars, marks, pimples and acne to gain an exciting look. Moreover, the power removes dark spots from the face to experience more brightness.

8. Energizing hair

Tulsi oil can be utilized on the hair to minimize scalp and dandruff problems. In addition, it provides ways for improving the blood circulation thereby helping to keep scalp in a cool condition.

Some other benefits

Leaves of Tulsi plant is a perfect one for treating cuts and wounds. The paste made from Tulsi can be used on the face to control inflammation. Tulsi boosts immunity levels to increase resistance powers against health diseases.
One can try these home remedies for living a healthy life.

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