Amazing Medicinal Uses Of Betel Leaf

Most of the people are interest to use the natural remedy for their diseases. Betel leaf is very good for most of the problem. It is commonly used by people for many health related problems. It is easy to buy and it is very cheap. It can be used to relief from pain due to bruises, rashes, inflammation and cuts. For external pain they can make a paste of it and apply on the bruised area. And they can drink the juice of betel juice for internal pain. It contains anti oxidant which will help to clear the free radical from the body. It is good for people those who have constipation problem. They can chew the leaf juice in their empty stomach for relief from constipation. It is also good for digestion and many people have the habit of chewing the betel leaf after their every meal. It also helps to increase the metabolism of body. It is good for children those who have digestion problem will give the boiled betel leaf water with pepper and this is the instant remedy for digestion.


This is good medicine for cold. Many people are like to make kasha yam on this. They will boil the leaf and extract it juice and add with some ginger and pepper powder. This will give a quick remedy to relief from pain. Betel leaf is good to treat the headache and many people will stuck the betel leaf on their temples which will give them to relief from the headache. People will use the betel leaf and pepper corn for treating the insect poisons. It is used as antiseptic and will use for pimples for faces. It is good for stomach pain for babies. They can make paste of the betel leaf and apply it on the pimple region in face.

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