Amazing Beauty And Health Benefits of Banana

The easily available, humble fruit, banana has much to offer for our skin, hair and health. We’ve been using it as a healthy breakfast option without realizing the complete benefits banana has to offer. I am here illustrating few of the benefits of banana for our health and beauty.

    • Banana is the most preferable item for sportsman during intervals as it gives instant energy just like sugar. Adding banana to your breakfast will keep your energies high whole day.
    • Banana helps to keep your bones intact, probiotic bacteria in bananas have ability to absorb calcium in body.


  • Bananas are good source of potassium and calcium which helps to keep blood pressure under control. Bananas are also helpful in keeping heart healthy.
  • Banana said to be contains pectin which helps to lower cholesterol level. According to the studies fiber, that is water soluble such as pectin helps in maintaining cholesterol level.
  • Banana contains high amount of potassium which helps reduce the stroke occurrence if consumed daily.
    The pectin in banana helps in healthy digestion.
  • Banana contains a compound known as tryptophan which helps to improve mood, hence banana has soothing effects also.
  • Body can be easily dehydrate because of the dieses like diarrhea, consumption of banana helps to maintain heart function and in regulating fluid balance.
  • Banana also helps in weight loss due to its rich fiber and low amount of fat which can easily be digested.

Skin benefits of banana:

  • If your skin is dry and peeling you can simply apply a banana face mask. Just mush up banana in a bowl and apply it on your skin, keep it for around ten minutes before washing away. As mentioned above that banana is rich in potassium and moisture, it helps turning dry skin into soft and supple.
  • Bananas are filled with anti-bacterial properties which can help you in controlling acne and wrinkles on your face. Make a face mask with one banana, 1 tbsp of milk and apply it on your face.
  • Banana can be very effective in treating dry eyes. Banana contains potassium which in turns controls the balance of sodium and helps to release the fluid in cells which cures dry eyes effectively.
  • Banana helps to keep your skin youthful and works as an anti aging solution. It contains the nutrients and vitamins A and E which helps to fight wrinkles and preserves the glow and youth of skin. Mash together an avocado and a banana and apply on your face, keep the mask for twenty to twenty five minutes and then rinse.
  • Banana is also helps in treating dull hairs or hairs affected by dandruff. The mixture for this treatment is simple, mash two bananas with two or three spoons of honey and massage this mixture on your scalp very well. It is important to dampen your hair with water before applying the mixture.

I have highlighted the most important uses of banana for health and beauty benefits apart from these there are countless uses of banana. With these many benefits to offer, it is important that we should add this healthy fruit in our diet.

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