16 Essential homemade beauty tips for fait skin

It is true that we all wants to look fair and beautiful, it is a secret desire for all of us. And we all are haunted by this long lasting hidden desire, and there are many reasons to be. Looking beautiful not only helps us to boost out confidence but it helps us a lot to represent ourselves in beat ways. Scientifically it is proved that people who represent themselves in better way will have more chances to meet their potential at career front. I am adding few easy and effective beauty tips to help you to glow your skin.


  • In India, turmeric has been always treated as a holy ingredient. However, it is proved through studies that it is a ayurvedic way to get fair complexion. This is the best recommendation as it is handy and not costly. For best results use it in the morning hours, apply it on your feet, hands and face. You will see the results in no time.
  • Lemon is a good bleaching agent and has quick fairness results. You can apply it as often as possible because it’s purely natural and has no side effects. You have to use it at least for six weeks before you notice change in your complexion.
  • Potato carries more healing capacities rather than of fair complexion. But it is very useful for removing black scars on your face or scars of any burn mark. But in the end it is another natural and effective remedy for fair skin.
  • Almond contains lots of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants which can be very effective to your skin. For best results and fairer complexion and to cure dry skin you can eat on daily basis or apply the almond oil massage on your face.
  • Curd is a great help in getting fair skin in four to six weeks. You just have to apply it on your face, one or two spoon will be sufficient. If your skin is allergic to curd than try other methods mention here.
  • Papaya helps a great deal in removing dead cells and giving you a refreshing skin. It is also effective to get glowing and fair skin.
  • Egg yolk is the best remedy to get smooth skin. Apply the egg yolk gently on your face on wash it after few minutes when it is completely dry. You have to use it for several months before you start to notice change in your skin.
  • Watermelon can be used as precaution in the summer. Apply the chunks of watermelon thrice a day.
  • You can use orange peel to take out the dirt from the pores. Grind the orange peels and then mix it with milk and apply to face
  • Rose water is very effective to remove cosmetic make up from your face along with dirt and pollution. You can use it every day as much as you wish but for best results use it in the night and in morning hours.
  • Tulsi(basil) is considered sacred in India. It has many medicinal effects and widely accepted as a remedy for fair complexion. Take few leaves and grind them with stone and apply on your face keep it for several minutes before washing away.
  • Effects of cucumber are wildly known to remove dark circles and getting fair complexion if used as a face pack. You can use the cucumber juice on your face for fairer skin.
  • Olive oil helps to remove dirt from face and to improve the skin color.
  • Wash your face with coconut water to as soon as you reach home after staying under the sun for several hours. It will help to remove sun tan immediately and refreshes your skin.
  • Tomato juice is one the effective remedy for the refreshment of your skin and for fairer complexion. You can simply squeeze it on your face or apply its juice for at least four months before you notice change in your skin.

Apart from papaya you can use several others fruits also for a fairer complexion and refreshed skin. Such as, avocado, cucumber and mango. You have to make a face mask which will give you the best result for fair skin.

These tips will help you to achieve fair skin and beauty but apart from these tips there are several other things to keep in mind if you want the fast effect of these natural tips. Drink plenty of water which will help you in your metabolism. Stay away from junk food and oily food because they can be the cause of acnes and dull skin.

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